Virtual Sessions

In this day and age where quick, timely responses to situations and service are key, E-Counseling has been able to meet those same demands by bringing therapeutic services to the online community. By utilizing on-line services, you can access help and information at your convenience and with packages that suit your specific needs.

This interactive process allows you to have individualized therapeutic services via email, phone or skype.

Once you make your initial contact by email or telephone, one of clinicians will respond with a brief intake screening that will ask more specific questions as to the services you will need.

For sessions that require more than one person, each person will complete a brief intake screening and once completed, each individual participant will pay their initial session fee.

Rates are set depending on the package you request.

Packages range:

Initial set up and brief intake screening

Subsequent Sessions:

  • For 30 minutes session
  • For 45 minute session
  • For 60 minute session

Telephone Sessions:

  • 60 minute session:

Rates include time spent assessing information, gathering resources (if needed), replying by email or telephone in a timely fashion.

If you would prefer to pay in advance and for a block of time over a specified amount of time, arrangements can be made on an individual basis.

E-Counseling may not always be appropriate when:

  • When someone is thinking of hurting themselves or someone else