Specialized Programs


10-12 Weeks
Psychoeducational child focused program (individual or group) structured to address parenting issues related to child rearing, problem-solving, time sharing , and other high conflict related difficulties. Service provided to divorcing and/or divorced families going through a difficult transition of couples to co-parents.

Anger Management

8 Week program
Psychoeducational program (individual or group) structured to address the areas related to emotional regulations, conflict resolution, control strategies and communication skills.

Therapeutic Supervised Time Sharing

Therapeutic observation of parent/child interactions associated with high conflict cases were issues of concern have been raised by the Courts.

Supervised Visitation Network Provider

  • Therapuetic Supervised Timesharing
  • Supervised Timesharing

Children in the Middle

(4 Hour Florida Approved Family Stabilization Course)
Divorce program for parents and children ages 3-15.

Mindfulness Camp for Children

A 1-2 week camp geared towards teaching children mindfulness, healthy habit forming, emotional management and more.

Girl Talk Ages 9-16

Support group aimed at giving developing girls a engaging, safe environment to discuss and learn about self-esteem, body image, friendship building and assertiveness.

Teen Talk for Boys Ages 12-16

A support group geared towards teaching developing boys how to manage their emotions, increase motivation and develop healthy habits for problem solving, structure and routine.

Boy Talk Ages 9-11

A support group for younger boys to teach them how to set healthy habits for studying, problem solving, learning about emotions and time management.

Phonenix Women’s Group

A empowerment and assertiveness group aimed at giving women a network of strong, ever evolving support group to learn how to self care, increase assertiveness and building stronger relationships.