Professional Development

ACT Parenting

Workshop towards raising violent free children. Interactive workshop that gives parenting information and strategies regarding keeping their children safe.

Resume Writing and Interview skills

Infant/Toddler Strategies for New Parents

High Conflict Divorce: How to survive and keep your children “ out of the bind”

Mind in the Making

Workshop to education parents, caregivers, daycare staff and directors in understanding and exploring the mind of a developing child.

Relationship Enhancement

*workshops can be tailored to specific needs. Current workshops change routinely.

Staff Development for Educators

Our education system is heavily impacted with Mental Health issues, from teenage drug abuse to social anxiety issues to student navigating their social media. Today, our educators need the proper Mental Health training to ensure they can properly assess and assist our students and help parents with local resources. The following are some trainings for Educators:

  • Mental Health Warning Signs in the Classroom
  • Social Media threats and your Students
  • Understanding school policies and resources for our students and families
  • Creating open communication with staff and administration

Please contact us to schedule a meeting regarding your needs.

Staff Development, Trainings and Program Assessment and Review for Non-Profits

Program Assessment and Review is a minimum 6 month contract. This includes initial meeting with staff and administration. Reviewing of Program documents and report with recommendations for future implementations.

  • Wellness meetings
  • Monthly workshops
  • Managing stressors